Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Smoothie Sailing!

If you follow my facebook page or read my sister blog about my life outside the kitchen, you have probably seen the "31 Days to Healthier Kids" tips lately. Day 3 was to feed them breakfast, like smoothies with milk, banana, and peanut butter. I could not agree with this more, and for years have been making smoothies for breakfasts and snacks. I have a single serving blender in my desk at work, or we make a full-size blender at home if we are all sharing. As you know, I am huge into making everything yourself from whole ingredients, but sometimes the pre-packaged, just-add milk variety is just plain more convenient and cheaper than the drive-thru at the local fast-food spot or Smoothie Shop.

My Old Standby Smoothie
Fill blender of choice half way with chunks of frozen fruit (bananas, berries, peaches, melon). Add in about 1 TBSP of fat-free plain or vanilla yogurt PER SERVING (about 4 for a full-size blender).  Pour in milk (cow, soy, unsweetened almond) to cover fruit. Blend on high until smoothified. Plain yogurt will make a more tart smoothie, vanilla will be a little sweeter. If it is too bland for you, add a little honey to sweeten.

Quick and Easy Smoothie's To Go
Recently, Yoplait sent me a free Chocolate Banana Smoothie through the My Blog Spark program hoping I might write about it.  While skeptical, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the product. It was much easier to bring to work than individual ingredients, and technically makes 2-1 cup servings (but I had the whole thing as a quick breakfast). It was delicious, and it will be even better next time I make it and throw in a tablespoon of peanut butter. You can also throw in a scoop of protein powder. It is also perfect to split at home between my 2 kids, and to them its just a milkshake. Wanna try one?

Comment below, on facebook, or e-mail me at by 10/15 when I will hold a drawing for a prize pack from Yoplait** including:
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However you choose to acquire your smoothies, it is a delicious way to get your calcium and fruit!

Want more info from Yoplait about their smoothies? Check out . You can also check them out on facebook and get coupons thru their fan page.
** Disclosure: The Yoplait® VIP Coupon, information, and giveaway have been provided by Yoplait through MyBlogSpark.